Reviews players in kabaddi

India is boasting of inventing the Kabaddi games. It is believed that around 4000 years ago, the game took birth in Tamilnadu. But many people think that around 5000 years ago, Iran invented this game. First time in the year 1938, Kabaddi took part in the Olympics. Indian Kabaddi players made their country proud many times. Both the men and women Kabaddi team proved their potential by winning the world cup, Asian games, and South Asian games.

Some words about Kabaddi games

Kabaddi is a team game

Kabaddi is a team game. In this game, there are two teams there and each team consists of seven players. The raiders go out from his court alone to the opponent’s court by chanting “Kabaddi Kabaddi”. The defensive players try to grab his limb to make him out. In the meantime, if the raider can touch the defender chanting without respiration, his team scores one point. If he is not able to do so, the opponent team will score a point. The duration of the Kabaddi game is 40 minutes. The game has a break time of 5 minutes. After 20 minutes of the game, the players of both teams change sides of the court.

How many players are in the team Kabaddi

There are 12 players in kabaddi teams. Only seven players come in the court to play the game and the remaining 5 are left for replacement. The leader of the team has the right to give instructions to the remaining players and the other players have to adhere to these instructions.

When the substitute players play the game

  • If any active player is injured, the substitute player is strongly needed at that pace.
  • If some players are not playing well, the team needs substitute players.
  • There is no defender left on the court and if any players play the role of raider, the team can use substitute players as a defender.    

The function of the players in Kabaddi

India is boasting of inventing the kabaddi games
  • In some cases, 10 players played the game on the court. In this case, three players act as substitute players, and the remaining seven players play the Kabaddi. In this game, seven players play as a raider. That means each player can touch the player of the opponent’s court players.
  • During every raid, the raider has to cross the baulk line, in the area of the defending team and has to come back in their area without being tackled by the defenders. While raiding, the raider has to utter the Kabaddi word loudly to make sure to the referee that the raid is finished in a single breath. The duration of raiding is 30 seconds.

The defenders earn a score for tagging

There are four forms of Indian Kabaddi which is different from the Amateur federation. In the case of sanjeevani Kabaddi one player gets a revival against one who is out. The raider needs speed for body movement during the raid. The same rule is applied for pro Kabaddi league.