Play free online kabaddi game

Kabaddi is a game in which two teams play against each other on a court. 12 players are enrolled to play this game. Seven active players from each team take part in the game. Five players from each team stay on as substitutes. Many people are interested in playing free online Kabaddi. The rules of Kabaddi online are the same as the real game. Fantasy Kabaddi offers players this opportunity. But the only difference is that you have to play this game online on your device.

How to play online Kabaddi?

To begin the online kabaddi game

To start online Kabaddi, players must first put together the best team for the game. The player has to create two strong teams to play against each other and the selection of the team players will be based on the number of points scored by the players. Here you are offered a direct route to your passion for Kabaddi and creating winning teams.

You should analyse the game thoroughly, learn the rules by heart and study each and every player before joining an online Kabaddi league. A thorough study will help you to rank well in the fantasy competition. Take part in one type of competition or the other depending on the knowledge you possess. If you have a good understanding of the game and are confident in your abilities, choose paid competitions or hone your skills in training competitions. Getting started playing online Kabaddi is easy. Follow the steps below to start your journey:

  1. Register or log in to your account on the platform where you will be playing;
  2. Click on the Kabaddi tab on the home screen;
  3. Select the fantasy league or match you wish to participate in;
  4. Create teams and participate in the contests of your choice;
  5. Enter the contest by paying the appropriate entry fee, if any.

What is Kabaddi Online?

Kabaddi online is a virtual variant of contact team sport based on tactics. This sport is quite, requires lightning speed, lightning agility and nimble thinking at all times. However, you don’t have to worry. Create your fantasy team in the app, participate in contests and win big.

The main benefits of playing online Kabaddi

Kabaddi fighting league

The ecstasy of playing online Kabaddi is beyond description, as the concept allows ordinary people or fans to get closer to the sport they love so much. Listed below are a few key benefits of playing online Kabaddi, which include such as:

  • Get closer to the actual game of Kabaddi through online gameplay;
  • Use your in-depth understanding of the game to earn exciting cash rewards;
  • Save yourself from baseless arguments by betting on online Kabaddi daily;
  • Get special discounts and offers all the time;
  • Exclusive chance to get featured on the game’s social media pages if you are one of the winners.

Reasons to play Kabaddi online

Kabaddi online is a fresh and vibrant take on the game of Kabaddi in the realm of online sports. Playing Kabaddi online is not only very easy and convenient but also very profitable. Here are a few reasons why you should choose this game if you are a fan of this sport:

  • A reliable, proven and safe platform where you can play and fear nothing;
  • Fast and convenient app available on your device;
  • Daily offers and deals;
  • User-friendly interface with a wide range of features;
  • Low entry fee;
  • Unlimited reward for referrals;
  • Smooth and trouble-free payments;
  • Exciting monthly contests;
  • Fascinating rewards for regular players.

How to win in online Kabaddi?

Winning in online Kabaddi requires in-depth knowledge, persistence and patience. You are offered a transparent process to declare the winners of the contests based on the points scored when kabaddi players are selected and their performances in real matches. This applies to all contest categories and variants. Secondly, there are different paid positions in the league. This information depends on the specific game and is always pre-disclosed in the app. Note that you will only win a prize if you fall into this group. Kabaddi is a sport that tests physical and mental toughness.

Online Kabaddi Rules

The rules of playing online Kabaddi are the same as the rules of playing professional Kabaddi, here are a few points to remember. It is important to pay attention to them in order to understand how to proceed. These include such as:

  • A raid is only considered valid if the raider crosses the baulk line with at least one foot and the other foot is in the air;
  • The raider must utter “kabaddi” continuously before entering the opponent’s court and may stop only after he returns to his own court. If he stops for a moment, the raider must return to his court without scoring a single point;
  • Empty raids are raids in which the raider returns to his pad without scoring any points. After two consecutive empty raids, the attacking team must perform a do-or-die raid in which, if it does not score a point, a point is earned by the defending team;
  • The bonus line is only active when the defending team has at least 6-7 players. If a raider manages to cross the bonus line during a raid, he gets an extra point;
  • All Out, if all players on a team are eliminated, the opposing team gets two extra points;
  • Super Tackle or Catch. If the defending team manages to tackle a Raider with less than four defenders, it is called a super tackle and the defending team gets an extra point.

Online Kabaddi Tips

The best tips for winning online Kabaddi daily are such that you should pay attention to them. They may be the ones that will help you achieve more in this exciting game. These include such as:

  • Evaluate the match conditions like in cricket;
  • Study the teams and how they match up against each other;
  • Pay attention to current form and previous results;
  • Choose captain and vice-captain wisely;
  • Keep an eye on who plays best in the team – raider, fullback and other positions;
  • Keep an eye on team news, injury lists and so on before the match;
  • Check which player can bring you more bonus points.

How are points awarded in online Kabaddi?

According to Kabaddi rules, a raider has two ways to score points during a raid. He can score points for touching, i.e. marking one or more of the opponent’s players and successfully escaping to his own half without breaking the edge. If touch points are scored, opponents or defenders who were marked during the raid must leave the mat. Raiders earn as many touch points as the number of players they eliminated during the raid.

However, eliminated players can be revived and return to the game if a raider from their team scores touch points on the opposing team during the next raid or if their team is able to conduct a successful raid on an opposing raider during the course of the match. Resumption occurs in the same sequence as elimination. A raider is also eliminated from the game if they are captured by the opponent’s defenders during a raid.

A successful tackle earns the defending team one point, in modern Kabaddi the points earned by the defence are also often referred to as tackle points. If a Kabaddi elimination match ends in a draw, a seven-minute mini-match consisting of two halves is played to determine the winner.

Modernisation of Kabaddi rules

With the advent of Pro Kabaddi, some changes were made to the rules to make the sport more interesting. Some of these have sometimes been applied in international tournaments as an experiment.

For example, Pro Kabaddi has a 30-second time limit per raid and the concept of “do or die” raids, meaning three consecutive empty raids results in the raider being eliminated and the opponent earning a point. Kabaddi also introduced elements such as super raids, where a raider scores three or more points in a single raid, and super touch, where three or fewer defenders perform a successful touch. Kabaddi also saw the emergence of playing positions such as corners, defenders at the extreme ends of the defence chain and covers, defenders playing inside corners.