Schedule and teams for 2022 IPL

Cricket is a very famous game in India. The popularity of cricket is mainly due to its widespread fan base in India. While looking into India’s streets, India can find some people playing or watching cricket. Love for cricket has been increasing with the pass√© of each year in the country.

This has made the game, even more loved not only to play but to watch too. Several people in Indian streets play well and have affection towards the game.

The main reason behind this has been the start of IPL or the Indian Premier League in India. People come to watch their championship from different states of this country and several corners of this world.

Thus, it has become very important for some people to follow IPL and know about its plans in advance. Mentioned below is the information about the IPL schedule and the date of matches between teams and the participating teams this year.

Schedule for the current year IPL

Same as always, the craziness for IPL keeps on increasing with it coming close to the beginning. Several people know that due to the effectiveness of corona, the timetable for the matches of IPL has shifted a little.

IPL will begin in April and end in June instead of March to May, meaning they have shifted a month late. Before the event begins for the teams to choose their players, an event is held for two days.

This auction marks the players that are going to belong in which team. The highest bidding in this auction gets the player they want to be in their team.

This year, the finalist team of last year, Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders, are said to be playing the first match of IPL 2022 according to the IPL 2022 schedule. This match will mark the beginning of this year`s IPL, and for fans is going to be exciting.

Teams participating in IPLTeams participating in IPL 2022

There will be a total of ten teams participating in this year`s IPL matches. Teams such as RR, RCB, KR, and others that previously participated in other IPL seasons. However, this year instead of eight teams that usually played in IPL, there will be ten teams.

This means that there will be two new teams that are going to join IPL matches this year. These two new teams are Gujarat Titans and Luck, now Super Giants.

Requirements for these two teams are still underway as their players have been selected in the previously held auctions. These new teams are going to bring some surprises for the other players and viewers, and cricket critics.

Due to these two new teams, the IPL schedule with venue has to be changed. This is because their addition will increase the duration of the matches or number of matches played and the need for a bigger stadium.

Schedule for the IPL

The IPL this year is scheduled to begin on the 2nd of April and end on 3rd June in the year 2022. There will be a total of 20 overs, also known as t-20 matches, for every single match. This is also known as the T-20 match format in international cricket.

Due to the number of teams greater than the last time, the matches will be increased in number; thus, more time will be taken to complete the IPL season for this year.

The host for this year`s IPL is BCCI which is the same as all other IPL and is also similar for the country hosting this event in India.

However, one thing that is not the same as before is the number of matches that are going to take place is 74 this year which was 60 earlier. This change has been due to the matchmaking difference that occurred as two new teams were added.

Venue for 2022 IPL matches

Venue for 2022 IPL matches Chidambaram Stadium

In the 2022 IPL, the first IPL match that is going to be on 2nd April will be held in M.A, Chidambaram Stadium, which is in Chennai. However, the last match that will be the finales of this year’s season is going to be on 3rd June according to the schedule issued by BCCI.

The match that will be finals is still unknown where it will be played. People can look for stadiums that will become the center of these matches on the internet. One can also search for the name of all of the ten teams that will participate in this year`s IPL season.

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